Mallaig Lifeboat
Log for 2006

Information for these pages is sourced from WestWord , local newspaper for West Lochaber

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Sunday 5th February:
Mallaig Lifeboat called out at 01.31 hrs to assist in the search for a female member of the scientific crew of the SEPA research vessel Sir John Murray which was berthed at the Fish Quay at Mallaig Harbour. The scientist had fallen into the water when attempting to board the Sir John Murray, and the alarm was raised. Arriving on scene within minutes of the call the Mallaig Lifeboat instigated a search for the missing person and noted that another crew member of the vessel was standing on the wooden piles under the pier carrying out a visual search. With Coastguard assistance the Sir John Murray was released from her moorings and, using a search light to illuminate the area, the missing person was spotted face down in the water. Crew members Stuart Griffin and Michael Ian Currie entered the water to recover the casualty. Once on board the Lifeboat, crew members Jeff Lawrie and Kevin McDonell, assisted by M. I. Currie, started resuscitation procedures on the casualty. Meanwhile the crew member of the Sir John Murray who had been under the pier on the piling fell into the water. He was rescued quickly, put on board the Lifeboat, kept warm and subsequently placed in the care of the Ambulancemen. Attempts to revive the female casualty continued in the ambulance on the way to the Belford Hospital in Fort William, with Lifeboat, Coastguard and Ambulance personnel taking it in turns at CPR. Unfortunately the casualty did not recover and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Monday 7th February:
Reacting to information received from the Mallaig Harbour Master, the Lifeboat was launched at 12.10 to medivac an injured workman from Inverie. The workman, an employee of Pierse Construction Ltd was working on the construction of the new Inverie Jetty when the jib of the crane collapsed, injuring him and causing him to fall into the water. On arrival at scene the workman was found to be in some pain via a shoulder/back injury, but after initial treatment from D. Eddie (paramedic) and P. Sinclair, the casualty was able to stand and was lifted on to the pier via a lifting basket from another crane. Casualty was then placed on stretcher for boarding onto the Lifeboat. Lifeboat arrived back at Mallaig at 13.40 and injured workman transferred to waiting ambulance.

Sunday 24th February:
Stornoway Coastguard reported vessel aground in Sound of Sleat so Mallaig Lifeboat launched 02.39 and soon spotted the vessel - the 12 metre creeler Emma Jane - just outside the Harbour Breakwater. Lifeboat proceeded to casualty, escorted vessel into harbour and made sure vessel was safely berthed alongside Mallaig Pier. Lifeboat refuelled ready for service at 03.20. .

Tuesday 4th April:
Mallaig Lifeboat launched at 11.07 following report from Stornoway Coastguard of a large cargo vessel with engine failure in the Sound of Sleat. On reaching the 2780grt cargo vessel Edmy and with the nearest tug 2 hours away it was decided to tow the vessel to a safe anchorage at Isleornsay Bay. Tow was established and the Bergen registered Edmy was towed at approx. 2 knots for 2 hours until she dropped anchor at Isleornsay to await engine repairs. With the vessel safely anchored the Mallaig Lifeboat returned to station, refuelled and ready for service at 14.20 hrs. A photograph of this duty can be seen in the online edition of Westword for May 2006

Saturday 8th April:
The NE wind was reaching Force 7 when Mallaig Lifeboat was launched at 20.55 hrs to go to the assistance of the 12m fishing trawler Sonas, broken down 5.5 nautical miles SW of Mallaig. The FV Serene Dawn, which had been steaming to assist the Oban registered Sonas, was stood down as the Lifeboat reached the casualty at 21.12. The stricken vessel was taken in tow and subsequently safely berthed at Mallaig Harbour at 22.45 hrs.

Friday 14th April:
Stornoway Coastguard requested launch of the Mallaig Lifeboat to assist the Kyle Lifeboat with the Kylerea Ferry which had gone ashore. Lifeboat launched at 13.49 hrs but was subsequently recalled when the ferry floated off the shore on the rising tide. With no reported damage to the ferry and Kyle Lifeboat on scene, Mallaig Lifeboat returned to base at 14.30 hrs.

Monday 17th April:
Stornowav Coastguard requested launch of the Mallaig Lifeboat Henry Alston Hewat to assist the yacht Sleat Princess in difficulties at Isleomsay Bay. Lifeboat proceeded to casualty arriving on scene at 19.36 hrs along with the Kyle Lifeboat. With the 12 metre chartered yacht now anchored at Isleornsay, the Kyle Lifeboat transported the owner of the yacht out to the vessel where he decided to stay on board the vessel and assist the two crew to sail home to Armadale. The Lifeboat returned to station, was refuelled and ready for service at 20.50 hrs.

Thursday 20th April:
Calm weather and very good publicity prevailed when Lifeboat launched at 13.11 hrs to check on a small dinghy with two people on board off the coast of Skye. When Lifeboat reached the area, the 2 metre dinghy was safely back on the beach. On investigation it was discovered that the two people on board the dinghy had no life jackets. The dangers were explained and the two people involved were met by the local coastguard team that had also been activated to check out the situation. Lifeboat returned to Mallaig and was made ready for service by 14.30.

Tuesday 2nd May:
SE Gale Force winds provided a rough sea for the Mallaig Lifeboat when it headed out at the request of the Stornoway Coastguard to search for a missing diver - 30 minutes overdue from his dive from the vessel Manxie off Arisaig. Lifeboat proceeded to search area and en route, 1.25m north of possible location, diver was located. The casualty was taken on board the Lifeboat, checked over, found to be OK, then transferred to Mallaig Fishermen's Mission until his vessel Manxie docked in Mallaig Harbour. Lifeboat refuelled and ready for service at noon after an operation that had lasted 70 minutes.

Saturday 6th May:
Mallaig Lifeboat launched at 11.00 hrs after a request from the Stornoway Coastguard to go to the assistance of the Kylerea ferry which had broken down at Kylerea narrows.
Lifeboat proceeded to casualty but halfway there was recalled as ferry was by then safe on a mooring. Lifeboat was back on station at noon.

Tuesday 23rd May:
Sea state - moderate; wind force - 6; wind direction - WSW; visibility - fair. These were the conditions when Stornoway Coastguard requested the launch of Mallaig Lifeboat at 2200 hrs to convey a male casualty suffering from severe backpain from Knoydart to Mallaig. There was a delay in launching due to Ambulance Control/Paramedic participation/non participation in the operation.
On arriving at Knoydart three crew members proceeded to casualty location with basket stretcher and medical kit, but as it was proving difficult to move the casualty, crew members requested the Neil Robertson Stretcher from the Lifeboat. Casualty was transported by land over to the new Pier at Knoydart. Once casualty was on board, the Lifeboat set off for Mallaig - taking it nice and steady to save further pain to the injured male. On arrival at Mallaig Harbour at 23.26 the patient was transferred to the waiting ambulance. As ambulance was single-manned one of the Lifeboat crew members volunteered to accompany the patient to hospital.

Monday 29th May:
The CalMac ferry Coruisk was reported to be suffering from engine trouble so Mallaig Lifeboat was launched at 14.25 to aid her berthing at Armadale. Lifeboat was recalled and stood down by the Coastguard as the Coruisk, despite engine problems, managed to berth safely alongside Armadale Pier. Lifeboat refuelled and ready for service at 15.15.

Wednesday 14th June:
Mallaig Lifeboat was called out at 08.35 to take over from the Portree Lifeboat which was towing a yacht suffering from engine problems. The skipper of the yacht - the 10 metre French vessel Cabocharde II - made his intention known that he wanted to go to Oban but he was informed that the Lifeboat would get him to Mallaig. Just outside Mallaig Harbour the yacht skipper let his tow go and proceeded to Oban under sail in very calm conditions against the advice of the Lifeboat crew.
Mallaig Lifeboat refuelled ready for service at 1000 hrs.
Tobermory Lifeboat was called out to tow the same yacht into port that evening!

Thursday 15th June:
Cloudless sky, excellent visibility and with only a slight sea running were the prevailing weather conditions when the Mallaig Lifeboat launched at 07.25 hrs to go to the aid of the 10 metre Peterhead registered trawler William John. The Lifeboat had been called out by HM Coastguard to take over the escorting duties from the Tobermory Lifeboat who escorted the William John to Ardnamurchan Point. Mallaig Lifeboat duly escorted the fishing boat to Mallaig as the salvage pump put on board earlier by the rescue helicopter coped with the incoming water. The William John was put on Mallaig slip on arrival at the port at 10.30 hrs.

Tuesday 20th June:
Poor visibility with southerly Force 6-7 winds were the weather conditions when HM Coastguard at Stornoway requested the launch of Mallaig Lifeboat at 14.09 hrs to go to the assistance of the 36' yacht Osprey in difficulties off Loch Scresort, Rum. The Lifeboat proceeded to Rum and towed the yacht to fixed moorings in Loch Scresort, arriving back home, refuelled and ready for service at 16.25 hrs.

Sunday 25th June:
Lifeboat launched at 16.30 hrs to go to the aid of the 33 ft yacht Drumlin. The yacht, with three persons on board, was 2½ miles SW of Mallaig when it suffered engine failure. The Lifeboat quickly located the casualty and towed the Drumlin into the safety of Mallaig Harbour. The Lifeboat was made ready for service at 17.50 hrs.

Sunday 16th July:
A moderate breeze was blowing when Stornoway Coastguard requested the launch of the Mallaig Lifeboat to go to the assistance of the yacht Highland Sealord, suffering from steering gear failure. Although Lifeboat was launched at 1704 hrs it was recalled and back on service by 1845 hrs as the 8 man crew of the yacht had managed to rig up an emergency steering system and safely berth in Canna Harbour.

Sunday 23rd July:
Mallaig Lifeboat was requested by Stornoway Coastguard to assist ambulance personnel in evacuation of male person from the Island of Eigg. Lifeboat was launched at 1534 hrs and with Ambulanceman and Policewoman on board proceeded to Eigg to recover the ill gentleman. Casualty was then taken to Mallaig and transferred to awaiting ambulance. Lifeboat refuelled and ready for service at 1800 hrs.

Monday 24th July:
With the Fish Farm vessel Ronja Pioneer towing cargo boat Harvest Caroline into Mallaig's Outer Harbour, the Mallaig Lifeboat was launched at 0827 hrs to assist the vessel's entry into the port. This was achieved safely and the Harvest Caroline manoeuvred alongside the pier.
NB. Mallaig Heritage Centre holds video footage of this service

Wednesday 26th July:
Cloudless sky, glassy calm seas and good visibility were the weather conditions prevailing when HM Coastguard requested the Mallaig Lifeboat to go to search for a small fishing vessel with four persons on board, overdue in the Kinlochmoidart area. Lifeboat launched at 1618 hrs and proceeded to the search area but before reaching the area MFV Curlew had spotted the overdue vessel and escorted it into safe haven.
Lifeboat refuelled and ready for service at 1715 hrs.

Wednesday 26th July:
The second call out of the day was to go to the assistance of the local fishing boat Margaret Ann reported incapacitated with a net in the propeller east of the Isle of Rum. Lifeboat set off at 2329 hrs in fine weather conditions and on reaching the casualty at 0019 hrs on Thursday morning found the trawler with an extremely large net in its propeller. Tow rope was passed to vessel which was then towed to Mallaig and safely berthed alongside the pier at 0235 hrs.

Tuesday 3 August:
At the request of Stornoway Coastguard, Mallaig Lifeboat was launched at 0945 hrs to go to the assistance of the fishing trawler Viking Borg, suffering from engine failure SW of Eynort. Lifeboat proceeded to scene and, finding the fishing boat drifting, passed a tow rope and then, once secured, towed the trawler to the safety of Mallaig Harbour. Lifeboat refuelled and ready for service at 1505 hrs.

Tuesday 3rd August:
The second call out of the day occurred at 1955 hrs when the Stornoway Coastguard informed the Station that the fishing vessel Rebecca McLean had suffered engine failure NW ofTarskavaig (Skye). On arriving at the casualty it was discovered that the crew of the Rebecca McLean had made a temporary repair to the fuel pump and was able to make headway at approx. 7 knots. The Lifeboat then accompanied the trawler back to Mallaig Harbour arriving there at 2240 hrs.

Saturday 12th August:
When the small motor vessel Spirit of Iris developed gearbox problems 1 mile SW of the Island of Muck, the Mallaig Lifeboat was launched at 1432 hrs to go to her assistance. The Spirit of Iris was taken in tow to Arisaig and safely moored there.
Mallaig Lifeboat back on service at 1930 hrs.

Tuesday 15th August:
Mallaig Lifeboat launched at 1935hrs when called to go to the assistance of a 47 year old female hillwalker who had fallen/slipped while walking on a coastal path on Eigg. As it appeared that the casualty had sustained a broken leg, after initial treatment she was stretchered on board the Lifeboat and taken to Mallaig where she was transferred to the waiting Ambulance for the journey to Fort William's Belford Hospital.
Lifeboat refuelled and ready for service at 2200 hrs.

Wednesday 20th September:
Wind was Force 3-4 SW when Mallaig Lifeboat launched at 17.35 to search for missing person who had fallen down a waterfall on the Island of Rum and (possibly) been swept into the sea. Search was carried out until darkness fell when it was decided to call off the search and resume it at first light the following day with the local Coastguard team.
Lifeboat returned to base, refuelled and ready for service ar 22.10 hrs.

Thursday 21st September:
Mallaig Lifeboat departed Mallaig Harbour at 0800 hrs and conveyed HM Coastguard personnel to the Island of Rum for a land search for a missing person. A shoreline search later expanded to a 'box search' at sea was carried out by the Lifeboat but with neither team able to locate the casualty it was mutually agreed to call off the search. Lifeboat returned to Rum, picked up the Coastguard team and arrived back in Mallaig in the early afternoon.

Tuesday 17th October:
Mallaig Lifeboat called out at 21.33 hrs to assist small fishing vessel - MV Sarah - which was reported to be suffering from engine problems. On reaching casualty the Lifeboat took MV Sarah in tow, towing her from Loch Scresort (Rum) to the safety of Armadale (Skye). Lifeboat returned to station at 01.00 hrs.

Friday 20th October:
The Lifeboat, Henry Alston Hewat, was launched at 02.16 hrs on a report of a missing diver but was recalled ten minutes later when diver was found to be safe. Call out classed as 'false alarm with good intent'.

Wednesday 25th October:
At the request of HM Coastguard, Mallaig Lifeboat was launched at 16.44 hrs to assist a person who had fallen from the rocky foreshore into the water off the Morar coastline. On arrival at the scene the female casualty was found to be ashore and being tended to by ambulance personnel. The casualty, suffering from lacerations to the head, was subsequently airlifted to Broadford Hospital in Skye by the Coastguard Rescue helicopter. The Lifeboat returned to station, was refuelled and ready for service at 17.25 hrs.

Thursday 26th October:
It was 1402 hrs when the Mallaig Lifeboat was launched to rendezvous with the fish farm well-boat Frøyhav of Norway to assist an injured crewman. The casualty was subsequently taken on board the Lifeboat and then transferred to a waiting ambulance at Loch nan Uamh. Lifeboat refuelled and ready for service at 17.25 hrs.

Friday 27th October:
HM Coastguard in Stornoway requested the launch of the Mallaig Lifeboat at 12.21 hrs to go to the assistance of the fishing vessel Kildonan. The trawler had been fishing in West Loch Bracadale when its nets got caught in its propeller. It was now inactive and drifting four miles from shore in worsening weather conditions. The Coastguard helicopter was tasked and the Mallaig based fishing vessel Caralisa proceeded to the scene. On arrival at the casualty the Lifeboat secured a tow rope and towed the trawler to the safety of Loch Harport. Lifeboat returned to station, was refuelled and ready for service at 19.15 hrs.

Friday 15th December
Mallaig Lifeboat launched at 07.45 to go to the assistance of the fishing vessel Morven, suffering from fuel problems a mile from harbour. Arriving on the scene within minutes, the Lifeboat took the trawler in tow and the Morven was soon docked safely in the port of Mallaig.

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