Mallaig Lifeboat
Log for 2002

Information for these pages is sourced from WestWord, local newspaper for West Lochaber

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Wednesday 23rd January:
The Mallaig Lifeboat ventured out to meet up with the fishing vessel Vikingborg who was towing in the clam dredger Reul a' Chuain, incapacitated with a broken rudder shaft. The Lifeboat assisted in the safe docking and subsequent slipping of the local dredger and was back on station by 13.30 - forty five minutes after being called out.

Thursday 7th February:
Lifeboat launched at 15.42 at the request of the Stornoway Coastguard to respond to a 'Mayday' call from the Estate boat Voespray, suffering from engine trouble in Loch Nevis. Poor weather prevailed, winds were westerly Force 6, but within 14 minutes of launch the Lifeboat was at the scene, secured the vessel and towed it to its moorings at Inverie. Lifeboat refuelled ready for service at 17.28.

Monday 25th February:
Lifeboat requested to launch at 17.57 after HM Coastguard picked up an emergency 'Pan-Pan' signal from the 10 metre workboat Myrtle Alice. The workboat was 1 mile NE of Mallaig and its propellor had become fouled by some discarded fish netting. The F.V. Contest stood by the vessel until the Lifeboat arrived on scene and towed the Myrtle Alice back to Mallaig Harbour, the whole operation lasting 40 minutes.

Wednesday 27th February:
The Coastguard reported that an unmanned 10ft dinghy was adrift in the Sound of Sleat off Armadale. Lifeboat launched at 10.55 to recover dinghy which was towed to Mallaig, arriving there at 11.58.

Wednesday 23rd January:
The Mallaig Lifeboat ventured out to meet up with the fishing vessel Vikingborg who was towing in the clam dredger Reul a' Chuain, incapacitated with a broken rudder shaft. The Lifeboat assisted in the safe docking and subsequent slipping of the local dredger and was back on station by 13.30 - forty five minutes after being called out.

Friday 1st March:
HM Coastguard requested the launch of the Lifeboat at 16.19 to transport a 3 year old child and its mother from the Isle of Muck to the mainland for emergency medical treatment. Departing Muck at 17.15, the Lifeboat arrived back in Mallaig at 17.59 when the mother and daughter were transferred by ambulance to Raigmore Hospital in Inverness.

Sunday 10th March:
HM Coastguard requested launch to transport a male patient from Inverie, Knoydart. Lifeboat launched aty 19.09, picked up the patient suffering from a suspected heart attack and landed him at Mallaig at 10.00. Patient was then transported to Belford Hospital, Fort William, by ambulance.

Sunday 10th March:
The second callout of the day happened at 17.57 when the FV Progress, being towed to Mallaig Harbour by the FV Five Sisters in storm force winds, requested assistance to dock. Vessel safely berthed at 20.20 hours.

Monday 11th March:
The lifeboat was launched at 19.50 when concern was raised about the location of the 10 metre motor vessel Tia Bhan. Lifeboat searched the area west of the Harbour until Coastguard located the vessel back in the Outer Harbour. Lifeboat refuelled, ready for service at 21.37.

Wednesday 17th April:
The Mallaig Lifeboat was launched at 15.19 on an afternoon of good weather and visibility when HM Coastguard requested the lifeboat to 'medivac' a crewman from the 16 metre Ayr registered fishing boat True Token. The patient who had collapsed suffering from severe head pains was taken on board the lifeboat accompanied by a Doctor (a passenger on the Calmac ferry Lochnevis, which had been in Canna Sound at the time of the emergency) who had attended to the sick crewman.
Patient and Doctor were transported to Mallaig, arriving at 17.06, and subsequently transferred to the Belford Hospital in Fort William by ambulance.

Wednesday 22nd May:
Mallaig Lifeboat Henry Alston Hewat launched at 06.12 to assist HM Coastguard in a coastline search for a hill walker, missing in the Loch Moidart area. The Lifeboat was recalled when the 70 year old male was located on the hillside suffering from hypothermia. He was subsequently transferred to the Belford Hospital in Fort William by ambulance. Mallaig Lifeboat refuelled and ready for service at 06.25 hours.

Monday 3rd June:
Lifeboat launched at 15.14 on information supplied by Stornoway Coastguard who had received a call via a mobile phone from a 4 metre dory Swim'n'fish broken down and adrift in Loch nan Uamh after its two outboard motors had failed. Lifeboat located vessel SW of Arisaig Point at 15.45 and took all four persons on board, then towed the dory back to its base in Glenuig. Returning to Station, the Mallaig Lifeboat was refuelled and ready for service at 1800 hrs.

Friday 7th June:
Stomoway Coastguard reported that a member of the public had reported a windsurfer in apparent difficulties off Traigh Beach near Arisaig. Lifeboat launched at 16.07 to assist but by the time it arrived on scene the emergency was over and the windsurfer, who had rested on a small island offshore managed to make it to the shore. Lifeboat back on station by 1700 hrs.

Monday 17th June:
In rough seas and with the SW winds blowing Force 6-8 Mallaig Lifeboat was launched at 09.47 to medivac a male crew member from the 10 metre yacht Heather Moth which was anchored off Inverie. The man was suffering from a crushed hand and required urgent medical attention. Arriving at the scene at 10.00 the Lifeboat had difficulty getting alongside the yacht and the vessel was anchored on a 'weather shore'. Eventually the local Rigid Inflatable Boat was used to transfer the casualty to the Lifeboat which docked at Mallaig at 11.35. Casualty was landed into the care of the Scottish Ambulance Service and subsequently taken to the Belford Hospital in Fort William.

Saturday 22nd June:
HM Coastguard reported to Lifeboat, which was on exercise at the time, that the 9 metre motor sailer Green Flash was making water at the north end of the Island of Muck. Lifeboat proceeded to the casualty and escorted the vessel, still able to use its own engine, into the safety of Arisaig Marina. Two other vessels responded to the emergency - MV Lochnevis and Clachan Bay - but they were not required. Lifeboat back on Station after exercise/service at 20.17.

Sunday 23rd June:
Weather was good with WSW winds blowing at Force 3 when Mallaig Lifeboat launched at 2000 hrs to go to the assistance of the local 6 metre boat Kia Bhan. The boat, with two persons on board, had suffered engine failure at the mouth of Loch Hourn. Arriving on scene at 21.50 the Lifeboat took the Kia Bhan in tow, arriving back in Mallaig at 22.12.

Monday 8th July:
The Mallaig lifeboat was launched at 15.55 in a force 6-8 WSW gale to assist the 10 metre yacht Patricia which had been blown ashore in Loch Scresort on the island of Rum. The yacht, with two people on board, was refloated by the flit boat Rhouma and berthed at the pier. On reaching the casualty at 16.45 Mallaig Lifeboat ascertained that the vessel had sustained a damaged rudder but the owner was happy to stay at Rum and effect repairs at low water. Lifeboat returned to base and was refuelled and ready for servioce at 18.20.

Friday 2nd August:
Lifeboat launched at 04.25 in calm conditions when Coastguard reported that someone from Inverie was experiencing breathing difficulties. The Lifeboat took a Doctor to the casualty and after treatment the male patient was conveyed to Mallaig where he was transferred to the Ambulance and taken to the Belford Hospital in Fort William. Lifeboat refuelled and ready for service just after 0500.

Monday 5th August:
HM Coastguard requested Lifeboat to assist Coastguard search team to locate a person missing in thick fog on the Island of Canna. Lifeboat was launched at 15.36 with Fort William and Mallaig Auxiliary Coastguard Crew on board but 30 minutes into passage Stomoway Coastguard HQ reported that the casualty had been found but was in poor condition after falling from cliffs. After treatment on the shore the casualty was taken on board the Lifeboat by stretcher and taken to Elgol in Skye for fluids. Lifeboat put back to sea in thick fog then the Coastguard helicopter lifted the patient off the Lifeboat, conveying him to Raigmore Hospital in Inverness for treatment to head injuries, broken limbs and fingers. Lifeboat returned to station at 20.52, was refuelled and ready for service by 2100 hours.

Saturday 17th August:
Mallaig Lifeboat launched at 12.36 in rough seas to go to the assistance of the 10 metre yacht Z Sassy in trouble off Canna. The yacht had dragged anchor in Canna Harbour due to strong southerly winds and although she made for the open sea progress in the strong winds was poor due in part to the anchor being fouled with a tripping line round its prop shaft. Reaching the casualty at 13.31, the Lifeboat took Z Sassy in tow to Mallaig Harbour. Lifeboat back on service at 19.10

Friday 6th September:
The Coastguard requested launch of Mallaig Lifeboat to convey Mallaig Fire Brigade to the Island of Rum to answer a fire call so Lifeboat launched in poor weather conditions at 04.52 hours. The Lifeboat took the fire team (plus equipment) to Rum, arriving there at 0611, only to be told that the smoke alarm had been activated by a piece of burnt toast! After inspection the team returned to Mallaig, thus releasing the Fort William Fire Crew who had come down to Mallaig to stand by while they were on the high seas. Lifeboat refuelled and ready for service at 0807 hours.

Friday 13th September:
Lifeboat launched at 16.00 hours in calm conditions to go to the assistance of a diver from the diving vessel Popular Diver. The casualty, who had suffered a dislocated shoulder, was taken on board the Lifeboat and subsequently transferred to the Ambulance when the vessel arrived back in Mallaig at 18.40 hours.

Saturday 21st September:
HM Coastguard requested launch of Lifeboat at 11.20 to go to the assistance of the Sulveig, an 8 metre craft which had run aground in Morar River Estuary. Arriving at the scene at 11.30 the Lifeboat took the sole occupant off the boat - a 75 year old man - and landed him in Mallaig. He suffered no injury. Lifeboat then returned to the grounded vessel, managed to re-float it and towed it back to Mallaig completing the operation by 17.45 hours.

Sunday 22nd September:
Good weather and visibility prevailed as the lifeboat, responding to a request from Stornoway Coastguard, was launched at 12.43 to go to the assistance of a young man who had suffered an epileptic fit while canoeing with a party in Isle Oronsay Bay. The casually was removed from the shore and taken by the Lifeboat to a waiting ambulance in Mallaig, then to hospital in Fort William. Lifeboat refuelled and ready for service at 14.30 hours.

Sunday 29th September:
While on exercise with Coastguard and Lochaber Mountain Rescue Tearn in White Sand Bay, Sanna, the Lifeboat was called into action to go to the assistance of a diver suspected of having the 'bends'. Mallaig Lifeboat took the casualty on board along with two other divers who administered oxygen to the patient. The Lifeboat headed for Oban but met with Oban Lifeboat south of Tobermory and transferred casualty. Lifeboat back on station at 19.15 hours.

Thursday 3rd October:
Mallaig Lifeboat launched at 03.35 in good conditions to convey ambulance personnel to the Island of Rum to treat an islander who had become ill. Lifeboat arrived at Rum at 4.20 hours and departed back to Mallaig at 05.00 hours, where the patient was transferred to the ambulance and taken to hospital.

Thursday 17th October:
Stornoway Coastguard requested launch of the Mallaig Lifeboat at 18.17 hours in good weather to go to the assistance of a 7 metre vessel Mischief experiencing difficulties west of Sleat Point. The vessel, with seven persons on board, was located at 18.27 hours and escorted to Mallaig until it ran out of fuel. This necessitated the boat being towed into Mallaig by the Lifeboat, docking at 19.50 hours. All seven persons on the Mischief stayed overnight at the Fishermen's Mission and resumed their passage next day.

On Friday 22nd November Michael Currie retired from his position as Coxswain of the Mallaig Lifeboat. His replacement is long-time crew member Albert (Bertie) MacMinn.

Monday 2nd December:
Lifeboat launched at 23.55 to go to the assistance of the Fraserburgh registered fishing vessel Seonaid M, reportedly taking water after striking the seabed on the way out of Mallaig Harbour. Mallaig Lifeboat quickly reached the casualty, lying ½ mile from the Harbour, managed to pump out the vessel and escort the 20 metre trawler alongside the fish quay from where it was eventually beached to evaluate damage caused. Lifeboat returned to station at 00.21 hours on Tuesday 3rd December 2002.

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